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Punch Time Explosion XL

 Your favorite characters from Cartoon Network™ are coming together in one epic battler!

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL is a fighting game featuring characters from some of the most iconic shows on Cartoon Network. This is the network's first ever all-star brawler! Fans can go to toe-to-toe with characters from 11 of Cartoon Network's shows including The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Chowder and many more.




In Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL, players assume the roles of various characters from shows in the Cartoon Network "universe" who cross over into each others' worlds and join forces as they fight in the ultimate clash between good and evil. The game features real time combat in the style of a combo-based brawler, in which characters punch, kick, and use a wide variety of comically over-the-top special abilities (laser guns, belches, transformations, etc.) that are frequently featured in the original cartoons. Gameplay is split between a single-player Story Mode that takes place across side-scrolling platform levels and a multiplayer Battle Mode that takes place in large multi-tiered arenas (up to 4 combatants can fight against each other).






360 & PS3


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  • Fight in 5 exciting modes, Story, Battle, Arcade, Training, PET & Drones mode.
  • 26 different characters from your favorite shows such as Ben Tennyson, FlapJack, Monkey and Numbah One! Plus, some characters that are all new to XL such as Johnny Bravo, Scotsman, and Aku!
  • 26 different battle arenas, all based around your favorite shows! Fight on the pier of Stormalong Harbor, the roofs of Townsville, or in the Foster's Mansion, just to name a few!
  • Punch Time Explosions: The more you fight, the more your PTE gauge can build up. Get it maxed out, and unleash your PTE on your opponents for a crushing attack! Every character has their own breathtaking PTE to use to their advantage.
  • Signature Attacks: Each character has four signature attacks which have a unique visual flavor that represents them.
    For example, Ben Tennyson's signature attacks morph him into 4 different forms!
  • Synergy Attacks: Call on various other characters to help you in battle! Synergies are crushing double team attacks similar to PTEs. Panini, Val Hallen, and Fred Fredburger are only a few of the assist characters featured!
  • PTE Store: By battling, you can earn coins to purchase cool unlockable items and characters! You can even unlock actual clips from your favorite Cartoon Network shows!
  • Use the vault to keep track of your records and stats!

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